How Much Does a Court Martial Appellate Lawyer Cost?

If you or a family member is seeking to appeal a court martial conviction, the cost for an appeal is likely going to be one of the first questions on your mind.  I understand.

At the Saroyan Law Firm, all attorney’s fees are billed using a flat-fee system.  Put simply, you are told – up front – how much the attorney’s fees will cost in your case.  No surprises.

We charge a flat fee because no one should have to worry about mounting legal fees when dealing with an already difficult time.  We remove that worry by providing a clear, fixed price for your case.  We also provide payment options tailored to your circumstances.

If You Are in Need of a Court-Martial Appellate Lawyer, Please Call Our Firm for a Free Consultation

We provide world-wide appellate representation to members of the military. As the former #1 ranked appellate attorney in the United States Air Force (out of more than 1,200 officers), firm founder Will Saroyan has defended clients in more than 1,500 courts-martial matters, and has represented military members in more than 150 appellate cases (including appeals before the United States Supreme Court).

Upon learning about your case, we can advise about how the firm can help, and the cost for representation.