Client Victories

While I primarily concentrate on appeals, here are some of the success in both trials and appeals.

  • Ranked as the #1 appellate litigator in the Air Force
  • Selected as Adjunct Professor of JAG School to instruct new appellate defense counsel.
  • Client convicted of stealing $122,000 at bench trial. Persuaded the appeals court that the trial judge misread the federal law – conviction overturned.
  • Represented client on appeal for the conviction of rape; convinced the appeals court to take a closer look at the evidence – conviction overturned.
  • Represented client on appeal for the conviction of forcible sodomy; conviction overturned.
  • Lead counsel on multi-service petition to the United States Supreme Court.
  • Two clients charged with a total of 34 counts of larceny and related offenses; persuaded the government the charges were without merit – all 34 charges dropped.
  • Client convicted of $25,000 larceny – no punitive discharge and only 30 days of confinement.
  • Successfully argued for no punitive discharge in Schedule I narcotic possession and use case.
  • Convinced commander after 34 days of pretrial confinement to release client and drop all charges.
  • TSgt accused of adultery with spouse of deployed member – Successfully argued for no charges.
  • Convinced commander to release captured AWOL member from PTC – no punitive discharge at trial.
  • Client accused of rape; secured evidence showing it was a false allegation – all charges dropped.
  • Second client accused of rape; convinced the government there was insufficient evidence to move forward – case dropped.
  • Client charged with assault with a firearm; persuaded government to withdraw charges.
  • Client charged with aggravated assault for shooting that almost killed victim; sentenced to only six months confinement and secured a rare clemency request from military judge.
  • Secured rare clemency grant from SECAF 2x – no punitive discharge for clients.